Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Stencil Graffiti of Almaty

While Almaty, Kazakhstan, is an exceedingly clean city of upright post-Soviet citizens, there are some signs of counter-culture, namely, stencil graffiti art on many of the inner city heritage blocks.

This portrait appears to be of the ornery TV doctor House.

Keanu Reeves - the Matrix look.

Looks familiar but I can't place him. Let me know if you can identify the subject this graffiti.

A common face on the city walls and fences. Again, I'm not sure who this is supposed to be.

The Hulk?!?


Anonymous said...

Is it possible you can tell me where I can find these? I'd like to photograph them as well, I'm collecting photographs of Almaty Graffiti while I'm here. Any info would be apareciated.


My email is: mrakutko@yahoo.com

Unknown said...

Your mystery stencil people are:

Edward Norton in what I'm assuming is a reference to Fight Club


Hugo Weaving in the Matrix as 'Agent Smith'