Friday, May 1, 2009

Portraits of Western Mongolians

It is often a challenge in Mongolia to take pictures of the people. Mongolians are a bit shy when it comes to pictures, and are protective of their privacy. Like in many places, no one likes to have a random camera shoved in their face! Doors for portrait photography only open after you've built up a bit of a relationship with someone.

Here is an 'official'-style portrait of the lama of Khovd Sum.

The lama and his niece have a special relationship. She hasn't learned to talk yet, but follows him around and asks for sugar cube handouts when he's drinking tea. Here's a picture of her in the small Tibetan Buddhist temple.

The following two pictures were taken by Mongolians who wanted to have a hand at using my camera. This is the interior of a ger in Khovd Sum.

This is the portrait taken by a young boy of his two friends.

The town of Ulaangom has only one pub - Gold Pub. The bartender is a charismatic girl named Soyoloo, who speaks a bit of English.

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