Saturday, May 16, 2009

Shymkent Beer - The Best Reason to Visit Kazkahstan?

The southern city of Shymkent, Kazakhstan, produces a very fine lager by the eponymous name of Shymkent Beer. Though it hasn't yet, this beer stand a excellent chance of winning an award in an international beer contest. That cafes and restaurants around the city and surrounding towns offer this beer on tap is a good reason to visit the region, if you happen to be traveling or working in Kazakhstan. (Some pubs in Almaty also offer draft Shymkent Beer, incidentally. I'm not sure about Astana though).

While wandering about lost in the adjoining city of Sayram I stumbled upon the brewery of Shymkent Beer (in Russian: Shimkentskoye). This is the label to look out for.

An unguarded beer truck.

An illustrious piece of Soviet-era metalwork on one of the factory walls. It features a man and a woman holding a sheaf of wheat, below which stands a glorious tankard of lager.

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