Saturday, April 18, 2009

To Erdenet

This week I made a side trip to Mongolia's second largest city, Erdenet (population: 75,000). The road between these two cities is paved, and there is a regular bus connection, while to reach any other city requires taking a private minivan. This is a picture of the comfortable Korean bus (a Daewoo) parked at a rest stop.

A herder and his flocks - opposite the rest stop.

The city of Erdenet grew up around a huge copper mine that was established by the Soviets. Today, the mine is the country's biggest cash cow. There are still a fair number of Russians in Erdenet, I noticed, not to mention this Marx mural (and a profile of Lenin on an adjacent building).

An early evening view from the Friendship Monument, with the copper mine in the distance.
The friendship monument.


Unknown said...

i fell this is a desolate place

Almayer said...

Yes... rather a desolate and remote place, but a nice place to visit. I'm glad you enjoyed the pics!