Friday, July 3, 2009

Tibetan Caterpillar Fungus AND Yak Jerky

One of the specialties of Qinghai Province, China, is its medicinal caterpillar fungus. This stuff is in high demand, so be prepared to pay for your caterpillar fungus. In Golmud, I bought one single caterpillar (plus fungus) for 20 RMB (about 3 US dollars). 
The high spenders among us may way to buy a whole box.

Choices to chose from.

A single caterpillar. Note the fungus growing out (strangely) from the head.

Once you've purchased your caterpillar(s), kindly deposit in a bottle of Chinese vodka. Then allow to saturate for up to one year before drinking. When ready to drink, take a nip each day for best effect.

Qinghai province is not just famous for its caterpillar fungus - there is also some tasty yak jerky, available at any supermarket.

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