Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Taste of 'Exotic' Uighur Food

I was never able to determine exactly what this stuff was. It seemed to be a bulwark of intestines stuffed with noodles, built upon a base of some lardish substance. All sorts of organs were soaking in juice within the intestinal wall.

After the stall operator has done his carving work, here is the final product. It was worth trying.

We encountered a pile of steaming guts on the sidewalk. It was reeking in the intense heat and swarming with flies. About two hours later the mound had disappeared, along with its owners.

Pigeon restaurants abound in Kashgar. The meat is rich and tender.

Unfortunately, I - somehow - didn't get a chance to try, or take any pictures of, Kashgar's goat head soup.

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