Monday, June 1, 2009

Margilon Market - Virgin Ground for Tourists

While staying in Fergana City, Uzbekistan, I was able to make a side trip to the small town of Margilon. A few days before, there had been a suicide bombing 'incident' in the city of Andijon, nearby, but it was business as usual in the market and town, with the people seeming, for the most part, friendly and unfazed. The Margilon bazaar was one of the least touristed, and hence most 'authentic' that I have ever visited. Within a minute curious marketeers were asking where we were from. Though the people were shy about their appearances, and usually declined photo requests, photographic opportunities abounded. Here are some of the people of the market - a representative portrait of the people of the Fergana Valley, who continue to live in close communities and to practice strong traditions, centered upon their unique brand of Islam.

A photo taken upon the request of the shopkeepers.

Fresh greens.

Peppers and powders redder than red.

This venerable old fellow has two wives and six children.

Spicy sauces.

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