Monday, June 8, 2009

At the Old Sanatorium

Beyond the city of Karakol, at the eastern end of Kyrgyzstan's huge, scenic, saline lake of Issyk-Kul, and beyond the small town of Ak-Suu, rests this old Russian sanatorium, at the start of a great alpine valley, and beside the roaring Ak-Suu River. Incredibly, the sanatorium is still in use. I saw a few chamber maids strolling outside the building, though inside all the doors were locked. For some reason, my thoughts turned to Thomas Mann's The Magic Mountain, and its central character Hans Castorp.

Instead of stairs, this section contains a series of ziz-zagging elevated slopes - perhaps for the benefit of wheelchair-ridden patients.

Beyond the sanatorium is the domain of herders and nomads. Also occational foreign trekkers.

Deep in the valley, these women are using a crank-contraption to separate cream from milk.


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