Monday, March 30, 2009

Chinese Curios, Part II

Again in Yanji, capital of the Korean Autonomous Zone. This was a rabbit-meat-on-skewers restaurant. Tasty! But for the rabbits, that was all, folks.

A booming business in this area centers around ginseng, forest mushrooms, and deer antlers, all ancient staples of Chinese medicine. Here is a young stuffed deer propped in front of one such medicinal store. Its ears had worn away, and had been appropriated replaced by thick paper look-alikes.

Dog meat is considered to have an effect on male sexual stamina. Photo taken in a market hall in Yanji.

The famous Central Avenue of Harbin. What with the hordes of Chinese tourists, it is a melee on ice this time of year.

With the spring thaw in Harbin, the street sweepers and shovelers mobilize en masse. These welfare workers do an incredible job of minimizing the muckiness.

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